It is the 18th of January 2019


Bezos' Divorce Could Boost Amazon's Share Price

It might seem counterintuitive to laymen, but the Bezos' divorce - and the equitable division of assets that is likely to ensue - may end up boosting Amazon's share price, particularly if Jeff and MacKenzie are forced to liquidate some of what is currently a 16% stake in the e-commerce behemoth.

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BTFDove - Stocks Extend Best Run In 10 Years Off Mnuchin Massacre Lows

Slumping macro data, tumbling earnings expectations, and "substantial" Fed balance sheet run off to come, that explains why stocks at near-record levels of extension in the last few weeks...

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Trump Makes History: Government Shutdown Will Be Longest On Record

After House Democrats pushed through a series of spending bills in a doomed attempt to end the shutdown (or at least crystallize their virtue-signaling in the Congressional record), the Senate decided to adjourn for the weekend on Friday without taking up debate on any of the bills (which had approximately zero chance of passing the upper chamber and being signed into law by the president), virtually guaranteeing that the partial government shutdown that is currently in its 21st day will surpass a shutdown that ended in December 1995 to become the longest in American history.

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