It is the 20th of September 2018


"Leaking Like Mad": FBI-DOJ-MSM Collusion Went Far Deeper Than Previously Known

The FBI's coordination with the mainstream media surrounding the 2016 US election - a "media leak strategy" which was first first revealed Tuesday, goes far deeper than first reported, according to Fox Newswhich obtained "new communications between the former lovers." 

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Tesla's Largest Investor Has Spoken To The SEC, Says Musk "Needs Help" As Another Tesla Exec Flees

In a potentially ominous development for Elon Musk, Tesla's biggest institutional investor, Baillie Gifford, said that it had spoken to the SEC about Elon Musk’s plans to take the electric carmaker private and told Reuters that the chief executive needs help running the company.

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Trump To Sign Executive Order Sanctioning Foreigners Who "Meddle" In US Elections

In his ongoing quest to prove to Robert Mueller that he is not an agent of the Kremlin, Reuters reports that President Trump will sign an executive order as soon as Wednesday that will slap sanctions on any foreign companies or people who interfere in U.S. elections, based on intelligence agency findings. The sanction targets could include "individual people or entire companies accused of interfering in U.S. elections by cyber attacks or other means," an official told Reuters. It was not clear if entire countries would also be subject to the order.

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"Not Grounded In Reality": BlackRock Angry At Alarm Over ETF Induced Market Fragility

The threat of concentrated ETF holdings in single name stocks is hardly new. Back in April 2017, One River CIO Eric Peters warned about the dangers lying in wait for capital markets in a world dominated by passive investing.

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The Monster Eurodollar Option Trade

Submitted by Kevin Muir, The Macro Tourist

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