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Jordan Belfort - From 'Wolf Of Wall Street' To 'Deadbeat On Main Street'

For Jordan Belfort -the Long Island penny-stock boiler-room operator of "Wolf of Wall Street" infamy - trouble does not seem to stray too far from his life on 'Main Street' as prosecutors say, he isn’t just a con, but also a deadbeat, and they want him to pay up.

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These 4 Stocks Account For Over Two-Thirds Of 2018's S&P Return

Forget MAGA, it's a MANA market in 2018...

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Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality

The Senate voted on Wednesday to restore the FCC's rules on net neutrality, passing a bill which will probably die on the floor of the House, but may ignite a fierce debate among Democrats ahead of midterm elections.

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GMO Spots A "Monumental Shift" In The Market

One of the urban legends to have emerged after the February vol explosion is that it was mostly retail investors who got crushed by the record spike in the VIX, which in the process wiped out several vol-shorting ETFs in the span of minutes, vaporising years of accumulate paper profits from being short volatility. While entertaining and overflowing with schadenfreude, this take was also wrong, as countless institutions also found themselves crushed by the events of February 5.

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Peter Navarro Excluded From China Talks After Exploding At Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross

Update: according to Axios, during the US delegation's trip to Beijing two Fridays ago, Navarro "blew up" at Mnuchin over his decision to participate in one-on-one talks with his Chinese counterpart Liu He. Navarro cursed at Mnuchin and fumed about being shut out of the talks, the sources said.

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