It is the 18th of January 2019


US Pursuing Criminal Investigation Of Huawei; Stocks Slide

Stocks were hit just after 3:30pm when the WSJ reported that Federal prosecutors are pursuing a criminal investigation of China’s Huawei Technologies - whose CFO was arrested late last year and is pending extradition to the US - for allegedly stealing trade secrets from U.S. business partners, "including the technology behind a robotic device called “Tappy” that T-Mobile US Inc. used to test smartphones."

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"It Was Just Not Fun Anymore": Why One Hedge Funder Is Calling It Quits

Back in 2011 Srinivas Dhulipala was a successful prop trader for Bank of America, so successful in fact that he decided to branch off on his own and that year launched  Kildonan Castle Asset Management, a credit hedge fund which at its peak, managed $550 million. Eight years later, after averaging a respectable 5% annual return, Dhulipala has decided to call it quits, unable to handle "the pain of running a modern credit hedge fund" according to Bloomberg.

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Round Two: Snowmageddon Threatens East Coast This Weekend

A storm developing in southern California could make its way to the Mid-Atlantic and the rest of the Northeast this weekend.

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Iran Satellite Launch Fails After Defying US Warnings

Iran on Tuesday conducted at least one of two planned satellite launches despite warnings from the United States, however the satellite failed to reach the "necessary speed" in its third stage and did not enter orbit, according to an official. 

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In Humiliating Defeat For May, Brexit Deal Rejected By Overwhelming 230-Vote Margin

Update 10: After trending steadily lower ahead of the vote, the pound roared into the green as the Commons adjourned for the day, as traders realized that analysts who had warned about a spectacular defeat of May's deal being good for the pound may have been on to something.

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