It is the 22nd of July 2018


Goldman: Currency War Has Erupted

A few months ago, most of the so-called experts predicted that China would almost certainly not use its semi-nuclear options, currency devaluation, to respond to Trump's escalating trade war. However, as events from the past month have shown, not only is China not shy to use every weapon in its retaliatory arsenal, but the recent yuan devaluation has been the fastest on record, and even prompted Trump to intervene by warning the Fed to become more activist in response to the Chinese currency that is "dropping like a rock", even halting rate hikes if that's what it takes.

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Iowa Nightmare As Tornadoes Ravage Towns; Officials Declare State Of Emergency

Parts of Iowa was left devastated as several tornadoes carved a path through the state. In Marshalltown, a city of 27,000 people around 50 miles northeast of Des Moines, roofs were peeled off buildings like tin cans, buildings were flattened, and the cupola of the historic courthouse was blown 175 feet to the ground as city officials declared a state of emergency with a 9pm curfew. 

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Soros: Obama Was The "Greatest Disappointment"

New York billionaire George Soros is not a fan of former President Obama - telling the New York Times that Obama is his "greatest disappointment," lamenting that he was "frozen out" by the administration despite his financial support.

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