It is the 26th of May 2019


Federal Judge Rules Banks Can Give Trump Financials To House Dems

In yet another blow to the Trump administration, a federal judge in New York has rejected his request to keep his banks from producing financial records to lawmakers.

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"We Were Unrealistically Optimistic" - BofA Slashes Bond Yield Forecasts As "Misery" Approaches

Unlike most of its competitors, Bank of America is not shy to admit when it has made a major forecast mistake due to being, as it puts it, "overly optimistic", and that's precisely what the bank's rates strategist did earlier today when in a note titled appropriately "marking to misery", BofA's Ralf Preuser said that "our old forecasts imply an unrealistically optimistic backdrop for remainder of 2019, we cut our forecasts across the board." The reason for the revision: "Trade, central banks, inflation & Brexit have surprised", in other words pretty much everything that the bank had expected just a few months ago... was wrong.

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Go Greyhound: California Border Agents Dropping Illegal Migrants At Bus Station

Due to a surge in migrants filling California detention facilities to capacity, US Border Patrol agents in El Centro began dumping detained border crossers three hours north at the San Bernardino Greyhound Station last Wednesday, after the agency ran out of room to house them. 

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