It is the 17th of November 2018


Nomura: This Was "Death By Papercuts" Mixed With Hedge Fund Redemption Panic

One day after the midterm elections, when the Dow soared by over 500 points on abysmal volume, the formerly bearish narrative immediately turned to how wonderful gridlock is for stocks, with Wall Street suddenly certain that based on historical patterns - according to which the market has levitated into year-end every single time after midterms - this year would be no different.

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Everyone On Wall Street Is Getting Bigger Bonuses This Year

It wouldn’t be the tail end of 10 years of Federal Reserve-catalyzed market manipulation and price euphoria if Wall Street executives didn’t get their share and cut themselves even bigger bonuses this year, just as the centrally planned party is about to end. And that is exactly what is happening.

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Facebook Fired Oculus Founder For His Political Beliefs And Pro-Trump Donations

Every so often, Silicon Valley's virtue-signaling, shadowbanning, anti-conservative media titans appear in Congress or devise a quick PR campaign to show to the world just how truly impartial they are with zero liberal bias. And every single time it backfires as their true ideological face quickly emerges from behind a fake, hypocritical mask.

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Maxine Waters Tells Trump: Californians "Wish He Would Keep His Mouth Shut"

As Democrats prepare to let the subpoenas fly early next year, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA.), who is preparing to become the first black female chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee in January, reiterated her vow to investigate President Trump's ties to Deutsche Bank - which she called "one of the biggest money laundering banks in the world" - during an interview with AM Joy, adding that "it's one of the big issues that we will be working on."

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