It is the 20th of September 2018


Hacker Steals Tesla Model 3 From Mall of America Using Only A Smartphone

After several humiliating months for Elon Musk and Tesla, the company may have just set a new standard for embarrassing itself when one of its Model 3 vehicles was allegedly stolen from the Mall of America by a 21-year-old, using only his smartphone.

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Looters Caught On Camera Raiding Family Dollar Store In Hurricane-Hit Wilmington

Update: A group of looters have been caught on camera raiding a Family Dollar store in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Why U.S. Electricity Sales Surged In 2018

Submitted by Leonard Hyman and William Tilles of

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"No More, Papi": Taco Bell Employee Kicks Customer Out For Ordering In English

A couple attempting to order food at a Taco Bell in the Miami suburb of Hialeah, FL were refused service and kicked out by an employee for ordering in English on Wednesday night at approximately 10:30 p.m., reports the Miami Herald

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Meet America's First "Shipping Container" Apartment Building For Millennials

"Live with your friends in these Shipping Container Apartments!" the Craigslist, Inc. post reads 

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California Will Launch "Its Own Damn Climate Satellite" As Battle With Trump Intensifies

Governor Moonbeam is ready to launch the #resistance into space.

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