It is the 19th of March 2019


Nomura: China Holds The Key To Japanese Yen

Via Nomura's Bilal Hafeez,

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Boeing 737 Max Mishap Could Be Boon For Made-In-China Planes

The Ethiopian Airlines crash of a Boeing 737 MAX may have given Chinese President Xi Jinping enough leverage to start transforming his country into an aerospace superpower.

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ChiNext Collapse Continues As China's "National Team" Abandons Investors

After 10 straight days of dip-buying pandemonium in Chinese stock markets - extending gains for small caps from the start of February to +46%! - the last three days have seen a notable absence of the "National Team" rescue bid sparking a 9% collapse in ChiNext...

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SPLC Suddenly Fires Co-Founder Over "Personnel Issue"

Silicon Valley's favorite arbiter of hate, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has fired co-founder Morris Dees and scrubbed his biography from their website, according to the Montgomery Advertiser

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