It is the 23rd of May 2018


The Second Quarter Has Been One Giant Short Squeeze

It has been an odd time in capital markets: on one hand rising rates, a surging dollar, and a 4 year highs in oil have wreaked havoc on Emerging Markets, and may soon spill over to developed markets although so far US stocks have been resilient, if failing to break out of the recent range despite the small-cap Russell 2000 hitting new all time high. At the same time, a financial publication used several hundred words  to not so simply say that there was $8.8bn in equity inflows into US stocks even as the S&P had its biggest weekly drop in over a month; meanwhile the VIX has been grinding lower despite Italian populist forces forming a government in Europe's 3rd largest economy, with VIX net specs turning negative for the first time since the February VIXplosion as vol selling is all the rage again.

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Hacker Slips Gay Porn Into Livestream Of Congressional Debate

California voters watching an online forum between state Congressional candidates were stunned when the streaming feed was interrupted by hardcore gay porn. 

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Why The Soaring Dollar Will Lead To An "Explosive" Market Repricing: A Flow Chart

Something curious took place one month ago when the PBOC announced on April 17 that it would cut the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) by 1% to ease financial conditions: it broke what until then had been a rangebound market for both the US Dollar and the US 10Y Treasury, sending both the dollar index and 10Y yields soaring...

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Krugman Cries Treason After Stefan Halper Outed As FBI Infiltrator, There's Just One Problem...

Friday's outing of longtime CIA and MI6 asset Stefan Halper as an FBI asset sent to infiltrate the Trump campaign has social media abuzz today. Reactions have ranged from celebration to outrage, with little inbetween. 

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