It is the 26th of May 2019


Stocks Bounce As Huawei Hope Trumps Home Sales Horror

It appears President Trump saw the news last night, did not like stocks being red and reversed his Huawei ban (at least temporarily), everything is awesome again...

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North Korea Slams "Fool Of Low IQ" Biden, Says Frontrunner Status Is 'Laughable'

At a time when the relationship between the Trump Administration and Beijing has probably never been more tense, we imagine it's only a matter of time before Beijing unleashes the 'coordinated' Facebook campaign to sabotage the Trump administration, a campaign presumably organized at the behest of Trump's one-time presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.

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"We're In The Twilight Zone" - Gundlach Warns About Risks Of Credit-Market Collapse

Jeff Gundlach has been a recurring presence in the financial press over the past couple of weeks due to his ninth consecutive appearance at Sohn, to an ensuing interview with CNBC, as well as his latest web presentation. 

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Nadler Blows Gasket Over McGahn Immunity, Says He 'Must Appear'

Update: House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is not taking McGahn's immunity ruling sitting down, saying in a Monday statement "The Mueller Report documents a shocking pattern of obstruction of justice. The President acted again and again - perhaps criminally - to protect himself from federal law enforcement." 

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