It is the 22nd of July 2018


Papa John's Shares Soar On Report Ousted Founder Held Merger Talks With Wendy's

Papa John's stock is sharply higher following a WSJ report that its founder and recently ousted chairman John Schnatter, held merger talk with Wendy’s. And while the talks between Wendy’s officials and the disgraced former Chairman and CO - who still sits on the board and owns 29% of Papa John’s - were preliminary and began before he stepped down as chairman last week, the talks, which Papa John’s board was aware of according to the WSJ, have cooled since the incident, one of the people said.

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White House Denies Trump Said Russia "No Longer Targeting The US"

The White House has denied that President Trump said "Russia is no longer targeting US elections", after video emerged from a Wednesday cabinet meeting in which Trump says "No" after being asked "Is Russia still targeting the US?"

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Watch: Hawaiian 'Lava Bomb' Creates "Chaos", "Terror" As It Smashes Into Sightseeing Boat

We've already reported on just how dangerous so-called "lava bombs" - solid pieces of debris that are ejected from active volcanoes - can be as the ongoing eruption of Hawaii's Mt. Kilauea has threatened the lives of nearby residents, forcing them to flee. One man even suffered a broken leg after being struck by a seemingly small (but powerful) piece of debris. The latest close call unfolded on Monday, when a volcanic explosion sent a basketball-sized "lava bomb" crashing through the canopy of a tourist boat. It exploded, showering passengers with molten rock, according to the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

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Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings

Last month we showed that as Trade Wars began in April, the world's central banks and other official institutions dumped more Treasuries than in any month since January 2016, some $48.3BN, perhaps over concerns of others selling first, and precipitating a sharp move higher in yields. Fast forward one month later to May, when according to the latest just released Treasury International Capital (TIC) update, in May the selling of Treasurys by official entities continued, with another $24BN sold in the month of May, when yields continued to rise and eventually hit the 2018 highs of 3.11%.

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