It is the 22nd of July 2018


Analyst Writes Open Letter To Musk: Stop Tweeting And Apologize

Infamous tech analyst Gene Munster, of Loup Ventures, has had enough with Elon Musk...

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WTI Drops After Surprise Crude Build

Oil prices rebounded to unchanged intraday on hopes that tonight's API data would show a notable draw and recover the momentum in energy markets. However, WTI dropped as API reported a surprised crude build of 629k (exp was a 4.1mm draw).

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Hundreds Of Tesla Customers Must Repay German Government Subsidy

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is about to be bitterly disappointed - as are hundreds of his customers.

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'PPT' Or Not 'PPT' - That Is Today's Question...

"Powell, we love you, but you only have seven-and-a-half hours to save the market"...

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Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Added To CFA Exam

Everyone has been watching regulators closely over the last year for their take on such upstart financial products as digital currency, initial coin offerings and blockchain, and how these may end up affecting the future for the financial industry. Now, one major financial institution - the CFA Institute – thinks they are legitimate enough to be included on the prestigious CFA examination.

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