It is the 19th of March 2019


Watch MIT's Mini Cheetah Robot Perform Backflips

Last month, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) posted a video of Mini Cheetah, a four-legged robot from the lab of Sangbae Kim. The robot dog is super light on its feet, with an identical running style to the killer robot dog in the Black Mirror episode called "Metalhead." 

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A Perfect Storm Is Developing Over Container Shipping

The slowdown in global trade began many quarters before the Trump administration launched a trade war with China last May. The primary cause of the downturn is sharp declines in intra-Asian trade - mostly due to China's deteriorating economy. While equity markets around the world have soared in the last several months from "trade optimism," any deal between Washington and Beijing may not initially trough global trade and could leave the shipping industry in turmoil.

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YouTube Finally Shuts Down Soft-Core Channel Months After Creator Arrested For Pedophilia

YouTube has finally gotten around to shutting down a notorious soft-core 'pedo-centric' channel months after its creator was arrested in Central Florida for molesting a 15-year-old girl in a hotel room near Walt Disney World. 

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