It is the 23rd of May 2018


China Releases Footage Of Bombers Landing On Disputed Island For The First Time

In the latest warning to its regional adversaries to stay away, China conducted military drills over - and on - contested islands in the South China Sea, as the People's Liberation Army air force for the first time landed several strategic bombers on the island and reefs, some man-made, in the region and this time China's preparation for a revolution (and war) was televised.

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Texas High School Shooter Spared Students He Liked, To "Tell His Story"

A day after the deadliest high school shooting since the Valentine's Day massacre at Parkland High School, details about shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis are starting to trickle out.

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Yet Another Tesla Autopilot Executive Leaves For Yet Another Tesla Rival

Things are, simply, a disaster for Tesla's Autopilot right now. The Autopilot team at Tesla seems to be not far behind.  

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