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Soaring Restaurant Prices Signal Inflation Is Much Higher Than 'Official' Data Suggest?

For equity market bulls, Friday's CPI data couldn't have been more of a gift if the report came wrapped up with a bow. Falling neatly in line with the market's expectations, headline core inflation downshifted to 1.9%, the weakest reading since August 2017. Even more importantly, relenting price pressures sent one of the most widely watched inflation gauges back below the Fed's 2% Maginot Line, handing the "data dependent" central bank more justification to put off hiking rates until H2.

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JFK vs Trump: The Most Bizarre S&P Analog Is Confounding Traders

Last March, we told readers that they need to "sit down" for what we are about to show: a chart showing the indexed "analog" performance of the S&P since the election of presidents JFK and Donald Trump. What the chart showed, is that as of March 15, 2018 the "analog" was only three bps apart on Day 338 after election day, or just a one S&P500 point difference.

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Why This Iraq War Veteran Has Created Panic In The Democratic Party

Hawaiian Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's just announced 2020 presidential bid has unleashed fury from both the right and the left, but more so from within her own party, and especially from corners long focused on regime change in Syria and who generally lobby for a more muscular "boots on the ground" foreign policy from Ukraine to Syria to Afghanistan. Some pundits have already gone so far as to say "keep an eye on her finances," suggesting illegal foreign campaign funding through Damascus or Moscow. 

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