It is the 23rd of May 2018


Former CIA Employee Suspected In "Vault 7" WikiLeaks Disclosure

U.S. authorities have identified a suspect in last year's "Vault 7" leaks of CIA hacking and electronic surveillance tools used in foreign espionage operations, reports the Washington Post

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Bonds Battered, Submerging Markets Slump, & Small Caps Hit Record High

Everything was awesome until Trump dropped the truth bomb about China trade talks...

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Senate Confirms Gina Haspel To Head CIA

The CIA has a new boss, and for the first time, it's a woman.

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David Vs Goliath? Einhorn's Battle Against Fed-Insured-Market Is Costing Investors Dearly

Everybody already knows that David Einhorn is having a flat out terrible year, with Greenlight now reported to be down 15% YTD and down 25% since the end of 2014.

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Trump Gives Merkel An Ultimatum: Drop Russian Gas Pipeline Or Trade War Begins

It became clear just how important it is to the US for Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project to fail two months ago when, as we described in "US Threatens Sanctions For European Firms Participating In Russian Gas Pipeline Project", the U.S. State Department warned European corporations that they will likely face penalties and sanctions if they participate in the construction of Russia's Nord Stream 2 on the grounds that "the project undermines energy security in Europe", when in reality Russia has for decades been a quasi-monopolist on European energy supplies and thus has unprecedented leverage over European politics, at least behind the scenes.

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