It is the 17th of November 2018


Burying The Other Russia Story: WSJ Editors Expose The House Democrats' Real Plan

With impeachment headlines rotating hourly from the Democrats' liberal media and subpoenas already flying across the aisle, The Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board seems to have decided some 'fair and balanced' perspective on what comes next is warranted and just how easy it will be for Adam Schiff to bury the 'real' Russiagate story...

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Surreal Video Depicts Driver's Escape Through "Tunnel Of Flames" As NorCal Wildfires Spread

The Camp Fire has already claimed 5 lives in one Northern California town, and authorities expect that total to rise as firefighters are only just finding their way into the town of Paradise, a town in Butte County that was completely destroyed by the shockingly aggressive wildfire.

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Saudi Crown Prince Claims Assassination Attempt Against Him Was Thwarted

BBC Arabic reports based an exclusive Jerusalem Post story that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman told a group of Evangelical leaders who met with him in Riyadh earlier this month there was a recent plot to assassinate him, and that the plan was thwarted by Egyptian intelligence. 

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Hedge Funds Brace For A November 15 Bloodbath

A few weeks ago, we reported that even when the market was hitting all time highs ahead of the historic October bloodbath, hedge fund investors were growing increasingly nervous, and rushed to redeem $15 billion from the space in September, the largest single monthly outflow in years, bringing year-to-date net flows to flat after being stubbornly in the green for much of the year despite what has been another deplorable year for hedge funds.

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