It is the 19th of March 2019


Analysts Slam Tesla's Bizarre Business Model Changes as "Amateur Hour"

We were baffled, if not surprised, when we reported  earlier today that Tesla had again changed its business model for the third time in two weeks when it decided to keep some of its retail stores open. It turns out we weren't the only ones confused by the fact that the company seems to be making up its business model on the fly: here is Bloomberg summarizing the similarly perplexed  hot takes by other Wall Street analysts.

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"F*cking Insane": Friends And Former Aides Dismiss De Blasio's Presidential Ambitions As "Idiotic"

In a primary field already crowded with also-rans and outsized egos, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio - who has been aggressively courting the limelight during trips to Iowa and South Carolina instead of pleading with Jeff Bezos and fixing the subway - has earned a dubious distinction of being the candidate who literally nobody - not even his friends and staff - thinks should run.

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FAA Declares Boeing 737 MAX 8 'Safe To Fly' Despite 2nd Crash In 5 Months

Update 8 (5:25 pm ET): The FAA has released its 'continued airworthiness notification' for the Boeing 737 MAX 8, the latest iteration of its workhorse 737 line, certifying that the planes are safe to fly. Though it added that it is still investigating the crash of flight ET302, and will make any changes to this status "if necessary."

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