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Watch How The Brutal Saudi Hit Job Unfolded: NY Times Reconstructs Khashoggi Murder

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It’s been almost a month since Saudi Arabia belatedly admitted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the country’s consulate in Istanbul on October 2nd. By October 19 the kingdom had finally conceded as much, but only as part of a statement which dubiously claimed he was killed during a brawl with 15 rogue Saudi operators — a clear attempt to shield Riyadh and crown prince MbS from any culpability in the crime. 

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Buffett Adds To Bank Holdings With New Stakes In JPMorgan, PNC; Boosts Apple: Full 13-F

While it's widely known that October was a cataclysmic month for most hedge funds and asset managers, what their positions were as of September 30, or just as the S&P hit an all time high is hardly indicative of their holdings today, some 45 days later. Alas, thanks to the avalanche of 13-Fs filed this week, and mostly on Wednesday afternoon, the best we can do is observe holdings as of the end of last quarter.

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White House Muzzles Peter Navarro After Larry Kudlow Smackdown

The White House has taken measures to minimize trade adviser Peter Navarro's public profile after a Tuesday clashj with top economic adviser Larry Kudlow, according to CNBCciting a person with knowledge of the matter. 

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Tiananmen 2.0? China Denies Guardian Report Of Student Uprising Over Workers' Rights

If dozens of young Marxist Chinese labor protesters are "kidnapped", "hit hard and quick", and disappear, but the news is denied by the domestic media's elite... did it happen?

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