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How Times Change: 2014 Mainstream Media Demands Obama Fire Brennan, Fix Intel Agencies

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They're starting to panic. The Deep State coup-tards are pointing fingers and crying foul, desperate to distract attention from President Trump's "un-American" efforts to uncover the reality behind the US intelligence agencies' "spying" on his campaign and efforts (which appear to go to the very top) to unseat a democratically-elected leader of the free world.

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Commerce Department Targets China With Proposed Tariffs On 'Currency Manipulators'

A lot has happened since then-candidate Trump said he would label China a currency manipulator on 'day one' should he make it to the Oval Office. So far, at least, the pledge to hold Beijing accountable for manipulating its currency wouldn't fall into the 'promises kept' column. But that could soon change.

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"You Might Be A British Right Wing Extremist If..."

The British Army has allegedly distributed a cheat sheet of "indicators & warnings" if one suspects that they (or a friend) might be a member of the "Extreme Right Wing" (XRW).

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Iran's Leadership "At Highest Level" Ordered Attacks On Pipeline, Tankers: Pentagon

The Pentagon says "the leadership of Iran at the highest level" ordered a spate of disruptive attacks over the past two weeks including attacks on an Aramco Saudi oil pipeline and pumping facilities, the recent sabotage of four tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, as well as a May 19 lone rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad's protected Green Zone. 

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