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How to start Vlc media player with web interface

You might want to use a startup script for automatic Vlc media player availability so you can use TVlc right after you boot your Computer. If your bandwidth is too low for some HD-Videos (1920x1080) you can force Vlc to always use a lower quality that fits your needs. Simply make a small script to start vlc with the argument --preferred-resolution, e.g:

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Have I set up my mobile phone correctly for TVlc Internet Television?

There is a very simple way to test whether your Vlc media player is accessible from your mobile phone. Try to open the Web interface in your mobile phone webbrowser:

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How to watch Youtube on your TV, the convenient way

Ever wanted to have stream like TV actually making your own program 24/7 from videos, DVDs, Youtube? All you need to do is:

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